What is Tai Chi?  How can it benefit You?

The essence of Tai Chi Chuan is to integrate Mind Body and Spirit with neither having preference over the other. The movements of Tai Chi are based on spiralling, circling and gentle cycles with fluid and uniform movements co-ordinating and mobilising all the joints, ligaments and muscles in the body, massaging the internal organs whilst exercising and relaxing the mind.


Are you ready to make a change in your life?

Can you commit to a daily practice of 10 minutes a day?

Often in life we, being human look out to help people friends family, these sessions are more about looking inward focusing on your own breath, your own space, and your own energy flow, getting rid of what we call the "Monkey Mind" these thoughts that come in which are not particularly useful and drain our energy.

Alan has practised Tai Chi & Qi Gong for over 30 years and will share this information, he will pass on techniques that can be used and applied in your daily life, which will help you to find inner peace, balance, and transform your life in a positive way. Complete Beginners or the more Advanced Student.

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All are Welcome!!


Please Note:

New Classes starting 14th of June 2017.

                         Llanfyllin Community Centre

Call Alan on 07976321345 for more information or to book a class