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what is tai chi?

The essence of Tai Chi Chuan is to integrate Mind, Body and Spirit, with neither having preference over the other. The slow movements of Tai Chi are based on spiralling, circling and gentle cycles with fluid and uniform movements coordinating and mobilising all the joints, ligaments and muscles in the body, massaging the internal organs whilst exercising and relaxing the mind.

Often in life we look out to help others. By practising Tai Chi we look inward, focusing on our OWN breath, our OWN space, and our OWN energy flow, getting rid of what we call the “Monkey Mind”; the thoughts that come in which are not particularly useful and drain our energy.

why tai chi can help you

I have practised Tai Chi & Qi Gong for over 30 years and will pass on information and techniques that can be used and applied to your daily life. 

These techniques will help you find inner peace, balance and transform your life in a more positive way.

My classes a great way to meet like-minded people too.

Alan Jefferies

some Featured Classes


The focus is on mindfulness and Qi Gong as the foundation and groundwork for the Tai Chi form.


These classes include an additional 30 forms, or positions, and are suitable for all abilities.

TAI CHI sword sessions & monthly workshops

These workshops are more focused and help you improve your skills.

what my students say

I find that my joints are more flexible and less tense and my legs less stiff. Most of all I find that by focusing on the mind you cut out all distractions - you have peace of mind.
C.W. age 57
I have severe lower back pain and sciatica which prevents me from taking vigorous exercise. Tai Chi is a gentle exercise regimen which helps to keep me fit and does not cause any pain.
R.D. age 65
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