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A little bit about me...

Based in the tranquil Welsh Borders, I am an well-established teacher of Qi Gong, Yang Style, Chen Style Tai Chi and also Chen Straight Sword Sabre and Yang 18 Fan Form.

I studied with Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang, on Master Chen’s annual visits to the UK in Chen Style Laojia Tai Chi, Yin Yang Chi Gung, and Silk Reeling exercises. I have also practised Chen Style Laojia with the late John Llewellyn.

For over 25 years I studied Tai Chi and Chi Gung, initially practising Lee Style Tai Chi with Chris Simpson and the late Chee Soo.

More recently, from the year 2002, I have practiced under the guidance of Debbie Wild of the Swan School of Tai Chi and Chi Gung in Stratford on Avon, studying both Yang Style 36 Step Tai Chi, Chen Style Laojia Tai Chi, and Chi Gung.

My main teachers are Eva and Karel Koskuba of the Chinese Internal Arts Association and I would like to acknowledge their expertise & continued support.

Since moving to the Borders of Wales I have continued to study and practice, and am now a well-established teacher of 9 local weekly classes in Qi Gong, Yang Style, Chen Style Tai Chi also Chen Straight Sword  Sabre and Yang 18 Fan Form.  5 of my students have gone on to teach their own classes

my art

I have painted for over 40 years and like to use colour in an expressive and creative way. My paintings could be described as explosions of paint on canvas, they are a reaction and in response to the shapes, colours and forms of nature. 

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