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Follow these Tai Chi videos to continue practising Tai Chi at home

tai chi example

Tai Chi example movements (no commentary)

tai chi with sword and fan forms

Tai Chi with Sword and Fan Forms (no commentary)

Wuxi Qi gong

Qi, in simple terms could be described as energy, Gong is to ‘practice’ or ‘work’ so you are effectively working the energy in your own body.

Wuxi is translated as the void. So, in this case, the void within. Some say it’s the oldest Qi Gong, but that can not be clarified!

Immune Boost Qi Gong

This very simple movement originated from the Shaolin Temple. Some say that it increases the T cells which play a crucial role in our immune system.

Ta Hui

Eight Positions of the Ta Hui  to be practised daily. The exercise is effective at stimulating the energy flow around the whole body.

I studied this system with the Chinese Internal Arts. 


Share Lao Gong Tapping

A simple way to stimulate the energy flow around the whole body.

Lao Gong points in the palms of each hand and the energy of our body is stimulated by this process.


Qi Gong

Five steps from Grandmaster Shen’s 18 Step Dynamic Qi Gong.

Chen's soft circle

Active and passive movements to be part of daily practice.


We enjoyed a day of drumming, rhythm and Tai Chi Sword at Mellowcroft.

the bird QI GONG sequence

Please enjoy following the Tai Chi Bird Sequence


Follow the first part of Wild Goose Qi Gong in a Sacred Space

yang form part two

Yang Form part three is available next.

yang form part three

yang style form 6

tai chi chen 15

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